Thermal generator TG-300

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In enterprises that use wood processing and construction, as well as the cleaning of forest plantations, non-business waste inevitably arise. These wastes are a potential source of thermal energy.

UE Rotoklon offers various models of thermal generators, which operate successfully at the Belarusian enterprises are universal heaters, clean air and used as sources of thermal energy for

  • heating systems heated with clean air of industrial premises (shops, hangars, warehouses, workshops);
  • heating systems of office buildings, with an intermediate stage of hot water;
  • various modern technological lines (production of foam concrete blocks, charcoal, pellets);
  • drying systems for lumber;
  • drying complexes of agricultural products (grains, herbs, seeds, fruit).

Specifications of heat generator TG-300

Name of parameters Units Parameter
Power of thermal generator for the heated air, over kW 300
The temperature of heated air, an adjustable suction of fresh air C 60-80
The volume flow of heated air, up to m3/hour 23000
Maximum air temperature С 130
Installed capacity of electrical equipment, up to kW 15
Heat transfer surface area m2 52
Main dimensions of boiler equipment    
  • length
  • mm 3800
  • width
  • mm 3000
  • height
  • mm 10000
    Main dimensions of the room for equipment, mm    
  • length
  • mm 6000
  • width
  • mm 4000
  • height
  • mm 4200
    Weight tons 6
    Total weight (with a firebox lined fire resistant bricks) tons 9,5
    Dimensions of waste incinerated, from mm 2-2000
    Fuel (wood waste), up to kg 130
    Warm-up mode is hour 0,5
    The volume of lumber drying m3 60-80
    Providing air to heat the room, up to m3 5000